My Creative Journey & Story

AMU has been an interesting journey of creativity, pivots and exploring my
love for textiles and design. What has remained constant throughout is my love
for color, minimalism, and influence of India and the Middle East in my design.
I started my design career when I moved to the USA in 2016, from Bangalore,

My love for textiles started very young, when my mother and aunts would
collect sarees that were hand embroidered or woven by artisans across India. As
I grew up, I would love reading fashion magazines and learn everything I could
about Indian textiles and the artistry behind it. When I moved to the USA in
early 2016 along with my husband, I took this as my chance to pursue my wild
childhood dream to create my own fashion brand. I focused on slow fashion printing
techniques, such as block printing to create the vibrant prints and patterns on
textiles, that I then used to create Made to Order garments.

This is me :)

Ammu Cherian

During this journey, I won an award for the Most Innovative Designer at the
Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017. I also became a mother, and due to health reasons,
I had to close by store for 1.5 years.

When I restarted my business, I pivoted from a clothing brand, to a home décor
brand exclusively working with block printed throw pillows, table linens and
scarves. I expanded to ice dyeing and natural dyeing printing techniques on
fabrics. I found a lot of success and passion in this new industry.

In April 2021, I had to temporarily close my business once again for the near
future. As an immigrant, we are here on a visa, and visas have time limits.
Once we crossed the time limit on our visa, we had to switch our visa category
to stay on longer in the USA. In this visa switch, I temporarily lost my ability
to earn an income and work. I am currently waiting for the paperwork to come
through, which fingers crossed, might come in the summer of 2022.

This became the reason behind the second major pivot in my design career, blogging. Through my creative journey, I have realized I have a slightly different sense of style from the mainstream design aesthetic. And I have gathered a rather
engaged community that enjoys my style. And although my business had to close,
my ambition didn’t go away and I didn’t want to stop engaging with my
community. Plus, I realized being creative made me ridiculously happy!

So, for this new phase in my creative journey. I started blogging to explain
how to design homes with a mix of color, minimalism and influence of the
culture you want to represent. I am teaching design hacks, tips and fun DIYs
that one can do within their homes to make it truly reflective of their personality.

Winner of People’s Choice Award ‘Most Innovative Collection’ at the Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017