Our Story

In an automated fast fashion world, we are trying to bring back hand crafted home decor and accessories. Our products use ancient techniques of block printing from India to create slow fashion, artisanal throw pillows, table linens and scarves. Each product is hand printed/ dyed and is manufactured locally in Milwaukee. AMU uses wooden blocks that are hand carved by artisans in India. The fabric and inks used are sourced from wholesalers across the USA. AMU is a brand aiming to bring harmony between the artistry of India with a global aesthetic, using vibrant and bold colors and prints. AMU strives to be a Made in USA brand. We try to support the local economy and businesses around us by sourcing most of our materials within the USA.

AMU hopes to empower women through our products. We support organizations aimed to uplift and empower women. We give back 10% of our sales to support the local community. At this time, 10% of sales goes to support Hope Street, Milwaukee, a local homeless shelter. 

Our Designer

Ammu Cherian

My love for block printing started at the perfect time. My husband and I were going to move to Milwaukee, and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give owning my own clothing line a good shot. I had never been to the USA before and I didn’t know where and how I would be able to source my Indian fabrics from here. At the same time, a friend of mine was hosting a block printing workshop and I went to learn and support her business. That stirred an interest in me, and I figured if I can’t source my fabric, why not print my own fabric.

After moving to Milwaukee in 2016, I tried experimenting with inks and fabric to see what worked and what didn’t. I didn’t know anyone here, so I looked for events to meet people and I stumbled upon the Milwaukee Fashion Week. Well I got in and I won the People’s Choice award for the Most Innovative Collection that year 😊 from there I hustled and did more fashion shows, pop up events and met many amazing people.

 I sold my clothing and found them worn across the world. I then started block printing throw pillow covers and table runners to sell at my pop-up events. And now that has become my primary focus.

I love incorporating color and art in my home décor as it adds so much joy and character to a living space. It easy to switch around when you want a new look.

My style and my design aesthetic have never been purely traditional. I have lived so far in three countries and traveled to many more. My design is a reflection of my life, an Indian who loves travelling and experiences many cultures of the world.

Winner of People’s Choice Award ‘Most Innovative Collection’ at the Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017