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Gold is a Neutral

Inspired by the Kasavu saree from Kerala

Bhujodi Woolens

Hand Spun | Hand Woven Sheepskin Wool

Beautifully Imperfect

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Khadi | Cotton

If you spot a slight difference in density and considerable transparency, the cloth is most likely khadi. If the density is not uniform but the cloth is not very transparent, it is most likely handloom. If the spinning is completely uniform and the weaving opaque, the cloth is machine spun.

Eco- friendly & Sustainable fabric

Khadi fabric is sustainable because of its eco-friendly manufacturing and production process. As it is handwoven, it reduces energy and natural resources usage

Artisan Made

We have the priviledge of having skilled artisans hand spun the cotton into threads, that are then woven into fabric using wooden looms.

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