Purple silk wool scarf
Purple silk wool scarf
Purple silk wool scarf

Purple silk wool scarf

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This silk wool blend scarf has been naturally dyed using cochineal from Mexico, and then redyed with indigo. Cochineal gave the silk wool scarf a beautiful shade of pink, and the indigo created a purple hue. The silk threads in the scarf caught a copper-ish hue and the wool on the scarf caught a beautiful purple shade. The scarf did not catch the color evenly, and has spots of lighter and darker shades. This created a nice marble / tie-dye effect on the scarf. One side of the scarf has the copper purple colors depending on the way the light hits the scarf. on the flip side, it is a subtle purple color.

These blanks scarves are woven through a government run initiative in India. They are woven in Kashmir, the northern region of India. This is a lightweight scarf that is buttery soft with a luxury look. This scarf has tassels on the bottom of the scarf. The scarf has a simple self design on them.

Approx length of the scarf is 81" x 27"

As this process is done through natural dyeing, there maybe a slight variation in color. 

Hand wash in cold water or dry cleaning is recommended for this scarf. 


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